Best Boat Humidifiers

Hello everyone and welcome to our new video where today we are going to be checking out the top five best humidifiers on the market. I made this list based on my personal opinion and I tried to list them based on their price, quality, durability and more. If you want to find out the prices and more information about these humidifiers you can check out the links down at the description and the comment section below.

Okay. So let’s get started with the video. At number five we have the Levoit LV600. The Levoit LV600 is a powerful and a [inaudible 00:00:36] humidifier which can be remotely controlled and would be an ideal option for you if your bedroom is as large as 150 square feet. From a design perspective the LV600 is made of sturdy plastic which mimic aluminum while on the top there is an opening from where the mist flows from and you can make it two way adjustability. Which means that the dew spout can be turned to work in different directions for maximizing the coverage of your room. On the front there is the LD tile display which has basic controls for the humidifier such as on and off button, mist level button, relative humidity, low water indicator and many other buttons and indicators. Moreover there are two descaling pads, two aroma pads, one cleaning brush and a large six liter tank which all comprise this device.

But now let’s talk about the performance. The LV600 was built with ultra sonic cool and warm mist technology which means that it will safely and quietly diffuse warm or cool mist across your living space. So you should never worry about your babies, children or pets because it is risk free. Thanks to its large six liter water tank this device can work for 20 to 36 hours of continuous use. So you won’t need to constantly refill it. Saving you a lot of time. There are plenty of mode of which you can take an advantage of such as the auto mode, which will automatically detect humidity in your area and release the perfect amount of moisture and keep everything refreshed. You can adjust it’s built in timer for one to twelve hours to turn off automatically when the timer is done with counting. And you can also customize the humidity level anywhere from 40 to 80 percent of RH for keeping you comfortable. Overall you should definitely take this humidifier into consideration if you don’t want to pay much for getting a quality and fresh air.

Next up, at number four, we have the Honeywell HCM350W. The Honeywell HCM350W offers many benefits for you and your loved ones because it produces the ideal quantity of mist and also it doesn’t have hot steam nor any hot water that could potentially harm anyone in your home if you had to accidentally tip it over. From a design perspective, this unit is made of a shatter proof plastic that is dishwasher safe. It is a bit larger and has a translucent strip across the lower part of its body so you can see when the water is low for filling it quickly. There are three speed settings for adjusting the moisture output as well as a sound level and also has a built in handle which makes it easy to lift and carry around.

Now, let’s talk about its features. The HCM350 uses the patented ultra violet light technology which helps in killing up to 99 percent of the bacteria, fungus, mold, or other type of micro organisms that could potentially harm your health. A really good thing about this humidifier is its ability to maintain the indoor humidity level between 40 to 60 percent which is the right amount for eliminating the survival of viruses in the air you’re breathing. This unit operates super quietly and if you fill it once it will work for up to 24 hours which is pretty long time and more than enough to do the job properly.

I want to mention that this humidifier uses about two gallons of water per day or around seven liters for those who prefer the metric system. Which is not much if you take in mind that it operates for 24 hours, but that’s not all. This unit also features the germ fighting technology which will prevent the mist from dispersing into your home. So your household will be free from germs and dust. To conclude, this is an affordable yet powerful humidifier which will save you from any harmful micro organisms and make you healthier while breathing risk free air.

Moving on. At number three we have the Honeywell HUL570B. The Honeywell HUL570B is an affordable humidifier with the capability of an expensive high end device. Making it a great option for any household who wants to increase the quality oh their air. From a design perspective, this unit features a glossy black body that is accompanied by a removable water tank which was designed to offer you two ways to fill it. The first is by using the pitcher, or the second is by removing the tank and fill it at the sink. Its water tank has a capacity of 1.25 gallons or 4.7 liters for those who prefer the metric system and also has a carry handle to make your filling, emptying and cleaning more convenient and easier. You can also see the level of the water thanks to the translucent strip that displays at the lower part of its body. So you will know when you should fill this humidifier with water. Before we start talking about the performance, I want to mention that you should never fill this humidifier with oils because they will damage its tank. So filling it with water is and would be the best option.

Now, let’s talk about its performance. The HUL570B is capable of performing for up to 36 hours per filling, which is a really long time and definitely one of the best points of this device. Also, you will never be bothered by the sound because this model is ultra quiet while performing. So even while you’re sleeping it wont’ cause you any discomfort and wake you up frustrated. Under the translucent strip there is a circular setting wheel which can be used for controlling the moisture output based on your preference for maximize your comfort as much as possible. Also, this model is filter free and is ideal for medium to large rooms. So it will create visible cool mist across your household while on the other side it will auto shutoff when it’s empty which is a good security feature. Overall, if you’re looking for a healthy and quiet humidifier that has extremely good capabilities for insuring that the air will be as comfortable and healthy as possible then you should take this model into consideration because it it definitely a great one.

Moving on. At number two we have the Vornado Ultra1. The Ultra1 it’s a powerful humidifier which circulates humidified air through your household and has a coverage of up to 900 square feet or 83.61 square meters for those who prefer the metric system. From a design perspective the Ultra1 features a glossy black and silver coating with and LCD screen and push button controls placed on the top and the fan speed that will spread humidified air across your room. It also has a spill proof water tank with two gallons of water capacity which will reduce your time for refilling it.

Now, let’s talk about its features. The Ultra1 uses the ultra sonic technology for generating mist. So its metal diaphragm will vibrate at eventually silent ultrasonic frequency for generating and dispersing an even mist for making your room environment comfortable without producing any noticeable noise. It also uses the vortex technology which means that the vortex beam of air is created in order to propel the moisture of air for delivering a true whole room Humidification. So this technology and the ultra sonic make this device as effective as possible. This humidifier has an automatic shutoff feature which insures that there won’t be any undesirable moments that could occur if the humidifiers empty. While on the other side it will insure that it won’t waste your energy if the device is short of water. You can also take an advantage its controls such as adjusting the fan speed to high or low, adjusting the mist output and adjusting the humidity level. The LCD monitor will help you achieve this and thanks to its user friendly capabilities you will see everything properly and be notified about what’s going on during the performance.

I want to also mention that this humidifier uses around 3.5 gallons of water for 24 hours of operation while its manual cartridge will soften the water which results in a reduced mineral buildup or white dust residue. To conclude the Ultra1 is maybe not the cheapest humidifier on the market, but it surely justifies its price tag. So if you ever decide to purchase it, it won’t let you down.

To finish off our list, at number one we have the TaoTronic Cool Mist. The TaoTronic TT-AH001 is dramatically improve your health condition and reduce any respiratory problems as much as possible by delivering you healthy and risk free air in your home. From a design perspective the TT-AH001 features a sleek white design with a lovely LED for increasing your interior experience. A 360 nozzle for letting you adjust its settings based on your preferences and a water tank that has a capacity of one gallon or 3.7 liters for those who prefer the metric system. It also has a micro porous cartridge which will filter the magnesium, Calcium ions and microorganisms from the water for insuring that everyone in your house is going to benefit from the mist.

Now, let’s talk about the performance. Thanks to its water tank, this humidifier is going to operate for up to 15 hours without having to refill it every time, which will save you a lot of time. On the other side the TT-AH001 has an auto shutoff feature which will make its place to off when the water level is low and save you from any undesirable moments. You can also take an advantage of it’s built in timer for setting the humidity level and choose your desired timing from 1 to 24 hours. Moreover the 360 degree nozzle is a really cool feature because it will let you control the mist by directing it anywhere you want. So you can have the option to choose between low, middle and the high setting. But that’s not all. This is a zero noise machine. So you will literally forget that this device is even working, which means that through your day and night you can set it to operate and you wont’ get annoyed by it. Overall this humidifier is perfect for all ages thanks to its ceramic filter and eco friendly capabilities. So you should definitely take it into consideration if you want to improve your health and air condition.

Thank you for watching guys. I hope you liked this video. If you want to find out the prices and more information about these humidifiers, you can check out the links down at the description and the comments section below. And if you have any questions related to them, please do not hesitate to leave a comment down below and will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you again for watching and I will see you in the next video.