Best Boat Mattress

Hi. I’m John from Magic Sleeper, and we make high-quality boat mattresses for any type of boat, any shape, any size, whether you have tapered sides or angles, rounded corners, we can match that, the exact mattress you have. I’m going to show you an example of one of the mattresses we made here later in the video, but before I do that, I want to explain the two different ways you can buy a mattress from us.

One, is if you live outside of the Philadelphia area, we’re located in Pottstown. You can simply bring your old mattress in, and we can use it as a sample to make the new one. Another option, if you live outside of driving distance, we can mail you this template kit which is basically a black piece of fabric. We mail you two of them, if you have a tapered side. In using a template kit you basically just get a silver marker that comes with the kit, and you trace around the outer perimeter of the mattress, and if you have a mattress with a tapered side, you would be tracing the outer perimeter of the top part of the mattress, then you would flip it over, and trace the bottom part of the mattress. That makes sure that your taper and the angles will all match up to the original.

A quick note on when you do your tracing, it’s a very simple process to do, but I want to give you a couple quick tips. You can make notes on your template, like for example, this has a seam down the middle. As I trace along, I’m going to make a marking of where that seam is, and I can even write notes that this is the beginning of the seam. Another tip is when you do your tracing to look straight down as you do your line, so that way your line is matching up with the outer perimeter of the foam, so you’re not wavering too far in, or too far out.

That’s just what I’m doing here. I’m looking straight down, and I’m going along the whole outer perimeter of the mattress. That’s basically all it is. Once you go around the entire perimeter, then you would flip the foam mattress over, and do the exact process on the other sheet of fabric. Once those are traced, you just mail them to 125 East Fourth Street, Pottstown, PA 19464. Once we receive those templates, we’ll get to work and make a high quality boat mattress that fits your boat.

Okay, so here we have the finished product. I placed it on top of the original so we can talk about some of the differences. One thing that you’ll notice is different is we use a quilted top, a nice quality foam that’s quilted to a aloe vera fabric. What that does is it allows you to sleep a little bit cooler, better temperature regulation, and it also gives it that feel that you are used to at home, versus sleeping directly on a piece of foam, just covered in plain canvas. This customer wanted it extra firm, but we have different levels. We have firm, medium, we even have soft which is good as a top layer, not as a base foam. We also offer memory foam, and latex foam, so we have a lot of different options, and it’s just a matter of custom making one that matches your needs.

This customer needed it to be seen just like his original, but he didn’t want to feel the separation line in the middle, so what we did with this one is we made it one quilted panel on the very top, but seemed it on the inside here. That way, he can access, I think, a panel underneath the mattress. A lot of people think they need it seemed because they want to get it into the boat, but ours comes rolled up, so if you don’t need a seam, it might be better for you to just get it as one piece. But that’s strictly up to you. We do either way.

As you’ll notice, this original mattress really just kind of bottoms out, and ours has a nice, solid feel to it. So, that’s basically our style of making it so that it has at least a nice, firm base layer, softer foam on top so it graduates … The firmness level graduates down to firmer, so you don’t feel like you’re bottoming out.