GOODBYE Marine Head & Holding Tank, HELLO Composting Toilet Sailing Soulianis

Tell us what we got in the mail today.

We got denatured alcohol. Just kidding. We got an anchor.


What do we got here?

We’ve got the 44 pound, 20 kilogram Rocna. And it’s replacing a bent CQR that was sacrificed when the boat was kind of rammed into a wall.

By not us.

Yeah, so I bent the anchor. Some people said it wasn’t a big deal, and other people said, that’s terrible. If you have a bent anchor, it’s going to keep wanting to unseat itself. That’s why I decided to get a different anchor, a larger anchor, the new school anchors, and one that’s not bent. We are hoping that it’s going to fit on our bow roller.


That fits kind of nicely.

It does.


This is beast.

I’m stoked. Here’s your throne. So, funny story. You’ve owned this composting toilet longer than we’ve owned our boat. We just haven’t opened it yet. Why would you buy a composting toilet before you bought a boat?

Because we’re idiots.

We wanted to get started on a project, and we hadn’t closed on our other boat, officially. This was actually purchased for the boat that we thought we were going to buy, and then we didn’t we ended up getting that one.

What all we got in here? And we decided between the C-head, which is this one, Nature’s Gate.

Nature’s Gate’s a toothpaste.

Nature’s Head.

Yeah. I think it was Nature’s Head.

Was the ease of cleaning this unit. All the inside surfaces are very smooth and, instead of having to take the entire base container out of the boat, you take just this bucket.

So, then what do you do with that bucket?

That bucket, and then chuck it.

So, you could put it into a plastic bag or something and just throw it in a dumpster.

You could. That’s to keep the bugs out. It looks pretty. It does kind of look like a throne right now.

That’s a very tall throne. So, we need somewhere to put our feet, right?


Our friends Phil and Hadley flew in from California for the weekend, and it just so happened that Racine’s annual cardboard boat race was taking place at the same time.

I’m glad we don’t have the cardboard boat.


They’ve only got on paddle.

Oh! Look at this chaos. Buckey! Buckey! That’s his name? Buckey!

What else is there to do?

Pick your instrument!

Those glasses look good with that jacket.

Do they have a blue, or is it kind of-

Yeah, they’ve kind of got everything. Yeah, look like you’re doing something.

I’ll take care of the rope, baby.

What’d you think of your first sail?

It’s good to get my sea legs back. Just holding the wheel. Oh, it’s called a helm. I loved it.

How’d he, Carry?

What’s that?

How did Phil do?

How did what feel?

Hadley, did you throw up?

I did not throw up. That’s a win. And it was very relaxing after I got past that initial bout of nausea.

And we got snacks.

Oh yeah, the snacks.

There’s no better feeling when you’re sailing than watching other boats go quickly behind you. When you know that you’re actually doing something right. Because I’ve been that other boat many times.

Hey, that dude’s in a hobie.

I know! All cuted up.

I designed your kayak!

He works for Hobie!

You like it?

It’s awesome!

I made that! I did that!

You like?


Oh, another one! [inaudible 00:05:34] Okay. You don’t usually do that?


I think he’s far enough from home that he feels like he could do it. Do you remember long short, or short long?

Long short.


This is all for us?


We do a little loop while we’re under it. Take our time. Short one.

Doing it!

I love that. They’re like, “You’re welcome.”


The moment of truth.

Okay, go back down. Oh god.

(music) Okay, let’s see what you got.

Philip stopped. Phil, what do we got? Let’s show her everything we got. We’ll start here, and we’ll do the Superman. We got this! [inaudible 00:07:16]

All right. I feel like this mat needs to come out of here, too.

This morning we took the boat out underneath both bridges over to the other marina and pumped out our holding tank for the first and last time, because we are ripping this out. We’re ripping out our head, right there. We’re ripping out our holding tank, which is underneath the V-birth, and we are putting in a composting toilet, and we are both super excited about that because of several reasons.

The first one and grossest one being of which, the last time we were out on Lake Michigan, and the boat was heeling all over the place. I came forward and looked in the head, and saw that there was a bunch of brown water pooling in the toilet, more so than there should have been.

And then Kirk came down later and tried to fix it, and we ended up with poop water-

Made it worse.

All over the bottom of the head pan. So, that was gross and disgusting. We are-

Pulling everything out of the V-birth so that we can get access to our holding tank and get rid of the poopies.


I hate flatheads. Whoever invented flatheads is the worst. I can’t even see the way it freaking lines up. Do you?

Yeah. Turn the base of the screwdriver all the way to your right. Yeah. Too far.

Okay, that’s clearly not going to work.

Those are painted in there. There we go.

It’s stripped. Now, it’s like one half of a thread left.

Ah, step one.

A surefire way to piss off the next owner of your boat is to use a four inch flathead screw. Okay, step two. We have our waste line, this white one, out from the toilet. We have our vent line up to the deck. We have our pump out line, and we have our cleaning line here. We need to disconnect all of these so that we can back this tank out, which goes through the bulkhead here, out of here, and then we can pull that tank out of the birth.

There’s some hose clamps that I could undo.

Come on. We’re good.

Did anything come out?

No, didn’t have anything come out of it.

Okay, what’s next?

I don’t know. I don’t know which one’s going to be worse. I hope that, when we pull this off, it doesn’t come flooding out. Time to bring in the big guns.

Check it out. All the hoses are cut and disconnected. Now, we’re ready to move the whole entire tank.

Okay. Here we go. Oh, god.

Is there a lot of water in there?

Yeah. Did it come out at all?

No. Not out of the plastic bag.

All right.

But the thing is this big black one. So, we didn’t put anything over that.

Oh, fuck. Yeah, that would have been disgusting. Okay, so take three?


All right, let’s see if this works.


Get the black? Keep it up. Okay. Is it dripping?

Yeah, but it’s just a couple drops.

Okay. Oh, god. Coming through.

Oh, shit, there’s so much stuff in the cockpit. Yes! Bye holding tank!

Ugh. That feels good. Ugh. This could be very easy.

Could be.

So, could be. So, we don’t have to take the toilet apart, so there’s nothing nasty there. This white waste hose goes at a straight angle through both bulk heads. If we can just pull it all the way out of there, we don’t have to take anything apart. All I have to do is unscrew the toilet from the base.

And then all that pump and everything just stays together.

Yup. So, that would be very, very nice.

See if it works out that way.

Here we go. There. We’re cool.


Yeah. Where did that hose clamp go?

Up top by your drill.

What would be the odds of that, huh? Man, I’m getting good at this. We’re home free!

Both screws are out?

Yeah, there’s one-

What are those bolts? What are they, love?

Well, these are bolts.

Edumacate me.

Technically, those are machine screws. We’re almost there.

Uh-oh. Not home free, yet?

Well, I just don’t know how hard I’m going to be able to bend it. How close am I to pulling that all the way through there?

You got about two and a half inches.

Could just pull this white pipe off. Collect whatever water comes out of it.

Ew. That doesn’t sound good.

All right, because there’s water coming out of it right now.

Coming out of where?

I don’t know.

Okay, it’s out. Where’s the water coming?

From the pump handle.


Okay. Okay. There we go.

It’s free?

It’s free.

Do you want me to hold that tube up?



Ah! We did it. Success.

High five! I mean, just… Perfect.

All right.

Now we got to put the boat back together.


And we need to install a composting toilet.